Jiayang Huang

Nodalizes Infection 节点化感染


该作品是关于艺术项目《植物自治》(Cooperated by LiangXiao, Zeson Gan, Jiayang Huang, Kim Sheng Xu)的衍生作品。本作品的灵感起源于LiangXiao 关于数据化植物的概念,根据Jiayang 的个人生活和经历作为故事蓝本,最后呈现出完全不一样的故事和主题。


This work is a derivative work of the art project “Plant Autonomy” (Cooperated by LiangXiao, Zeson Gan, Jiayang Huang, Kim Sheng Xu). The inspiration for this work originated from LiangXiao’s concept of digitalized plants. Based on Jiayang’s personal life and experience as the blueprint for the story, it finally presented a completely different story and theme.

This story expresses the mystery of human fragility and horror. The story uses parameterized scenes, plants, and human organs to tell about the potential threats of invasion everywhere in people’s lives. I want to digitize the combination between the pandemic and personal experiences in this epidemic era to commemorate this special history and personal memory of mankind.

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