Jiayang Huang

101 Manifesto of Surrealism 2.0 (ChatGPT AI)

The manifesto is generated by the AI model and claimed what is AI-Surrealism 2.0 from the perspective of AI. This manifesto takes Andre Breton’s pioneering surrealism concept in 1924 as the original reference. Through the learning, understanding, and rewriting by the AI model (ChatGPT), 100 new surrealist manifestos under the understanding of AI are finally produced.

该宣言由AI模型生成并以AI的视角讲述了何为AI-超现实主义2.0。这个宣言以1924年安德烈布勒东开创式的超现实主义理念为原始样本,通过ChatOPT 语言AI模型的学习,理解和改写,最终生成了100份AI理解下的新式超现实主义宣言。

Artist motivation: 

Psychoanalysis is a discipline and method to explore and understand the unconscious domain of human beings. At the same time, since 2020, the AI model based on neural networks has become the darling of the new era. My research aims to reveal the relationship between psychoanalysis and artificial intelligence using artistic practice. The surrealist cultural movement that was popular in 1920 can be regarded as the first ideological trend that combined art and psychoanalysis, and today it has passed 100 years later. Under the neural network of artificial intelligence, the combination of AI and surrealism has once again become a new possibility. So AI-based Surrealism 2.0 is the starting point of my research. And Breton’s definition of surrealism in 1924 obviously needs to be updated and reconstructed in this era of AI. So through the AI language model, I deconstructed and reconstructed the 1924 Surrealism Manifesto. This 101 Surrealism 2.0 Manifesto, as the beginning and declaration of my research, is necessary and full of milestone significance.

精神分析是一门探索和理解关于人类无意识领域的学科和方法,同时2020年以来基于神经网络的AI模型成为新时代的宠儿。我的研究方向是使用艺术实践方法揭示精神分析和人工智能的关系。1920年流行的超现实主义文化运动可以被看做是第一次艺术和精神分析所结合的思潮,过了100年后的今天。在人工智能的神经网络下,再一次让AI与超现实主义的结合成为新的可能。于是基于AI的超现实主义2.0作为我的研究起点。而对1924年布勒东对超现实的定义显然在这个AI的时代需要更新和重构。于是通过AI语言模型,对1924的超现实主义宣言进行解构和重构式理解,这份101 超现实主义2.0宣言,作为我的研究开端和宣言是必要和充满里程碑式意义的。

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